Center Director and Principal Investigator: Dr. Borko Furht

Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Oge Marques, Dr. Hari Kalva, and Dr. Daniel Raviv
Senior Investigators: Dr. Valentine Aalo, Dr. Ankur Agarwal, Dr. John Bagby, Dr. Ravi Behara, Dr. Elias Bou-Harb, Dr. Ionut Cardei, Dr. Mihaela Cardei, Dr. Shihong Huang, Dr. Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Dr. Imad Mahgoub, Dr. Mehrdad Nojoumian, Dr. Abhijit Pandya, Dr. Maria Petrie, Dr. Ravi Shankar, Dr. Vichate Ungvichian, Dr. Dingding Wang, Dr. Xin Wang, and Dr. Hill Zhu

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