Patents and Patent Disclosures

Patent (USPTO) “Safety Promoting Techniques for Mobile Communication,” US Patent number: 8,644,812. Granted: February 4, 2014. Daniel Raviv
Relational Pattern Discovery Across Multiple Databases, Xindong Wu and Xingquan Zhu, US Patent, No.8112440, Granted: February 7, 2012. Xindong Wu and Xingquan Zhu
FAU 201401 – Software for Automated Data Backup, 2014. H. Kalva, D. Pappusetty, and B. Furht
FAU 201405 – System and Method for Estimating Crowd Count in Video, 2014 H. Kalva and A. Escudero
FAU 2014xx – Driver Drowsiness Detection System Using Image Processing, 2014 B. Furht, O. Marques, and A. Colic


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