Hybrid Data Dissemination in VANET

Imad Mahgoub, PI; Student: Monika Rathod

project11-vanetData dissemination in Vehicular Ad-hoc NETworks (VANETs) is a key research area with applications that range from safety to traffic flow information to weather reports and related information. Delivering data with maximum efficiency and accuracy to a wide area is the focus of research in data dissemination protocols. Data propagation methods preferred for these specialized ad hoc networks fall under two mutually exclusive categories namely store-and-forward and multi-hop broadcasts.

Store-and-forward generally consumes less bandwidth than multi-hop broadcast but propagates information more slowly. The goal of this project is to develop efficient solutions to the data dissemination problem that are broader in scope than previous works and are able to handle all types of data, both critical and non-critical.

The research includes hybridization of ad-hoc communications by intelligently defining geographic zones in which multi-hop broadcast and store-and-forward dissemination are preferable, thus combining strengths of the two schemes and eliminating their weaknesses.

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